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Apr. 12th, 2007

best friends.

did I ask for too much?

I'm going to prom with JT I'm going to prom with JT I'm going to prom with JT I'm going to prom with JT I AM GOING TO PROM WITH JT.

There hasn't been a whole lot to write about lately.  I started reading Rhonda Byrne's The Secret, and although I don't generally consider myself to be religious, it has proved to be a rather interesting read.  If anyone would like to borrow it from me when I'm done, I'd be happy to lend it out!

Between prom committee having started, and regionals for the cheerleading having started, Degrassi has been positively abuzz lately!  It's especially impossible to get ahold of Manny, I don't think I've ever seen her so busy!  Then again, I haven't exactly been the most available person myself, between my duties as student council president, meetings with various college boards, doing all of the extra loads of homework the teachers have been piling on us, and attempting to squeeze in some time with my friends in between.

Manny and I did manage to make some time to go dress shopping for prom WHICH I AM GOING TO WITH JT and she found the prettiest dress.  She's going to look fantastic.  I, on the other hand, still haven't found a dress because unlike Manny, everything looks awful on me.  I'll probably end up donning a potato sack.

Oh, and whoever thought it'd be funny to put my name on the ballot for prom queen?  Hardy har har.  Vote for Manny, everyone.

Mar. 3rd, 2007

jib; glance

think I think too much

It seems like everyone else has had more going on lately than I have.  I guess in a way I should be grateful - not all drama is the good kind, right?  From what I've heard, Emma's been a complete wreck since Sean left.  And Manny, dating Jay?  I thought even she had standards.  And JT.. well, nothing's changed there, not really.  As we usher in a new month, I suppose we can hope that with the warmer weather will come some positive excitement.

Speaking of excitement, Manny's planning for the prom is finally in full swing.  Best night of our lives, right?  Senior year is coming and going faster than I can even keep up with.  Manny and I have plans to go dress shopping before the big night - talk about exciting.  I never thought that we'd all seem so.. discontent with everything at this point.  We're supposed to be happy, and rallying together for our last few months together, not fighting and distancing ourselves from one another.

I guess that's why I decided to call a truce with JT.  Fighting wasn't getting us anywhere.  We're better now.  Much.  Yeah.  It's not awkward.
  Between pouring over song lists, prom themes, and dress catalogs with Manny, I haven't had much time for anything else (aside from homework.  Last thing I need is to have my early acceptances retracted because of falling grades, right?)  I've spent some time with JT.  I'm trying to get him to join the tutoring program, to little avail at this point.  I'm not giving up yet!

Anyway, I promised Mom we'd have girls' night in tonight, while dad's away on business and Danny's at Derek's for the weekend.  Time to pop some popcorn and pop in Pretty Woman!

Feb. 10th, 2007


it's a sign for the end

Today on the news there was this huge story on how if you don't properly latch bookshelves to the wall, they can fall over and smash small children.  I can understand how this is important information, but it seems it would be much more fit for an evening broadcast rather than something to be played while people are trying to enjoy their breakfast?  It's the sort of thing I would be interested in if I had a child in my life, and a reminder that I don't.  More and more things have been that way lately.

Manny has roped me into helping out with the Prom Committee, which will hopefully be fun.  JT's on the committee too, which I'm sure will be spectacularly awkward.  I always thought I'd be going to my Senior Prom with him.  Should have known better, right? 
It's still quite a bit away, but getting planning done ahead of time has never been a bad idea in my book!  She's also trying to get me to come to a party at her place this evening, which I'm still debating going to.  Big parties aren't really my thing.

The heating at my house was sort of on-and-off for the past couple of days, but JT stopped by with some of his famous chicken noodle soup to warm things up.  I don't know who's going to tell him that he can't cook.  I really appreciated it, it really hit the spot.  By the spot, I mean my gag reflex.  But still.  It was a really nice thought.  Most of the things he does are nice, when he's not giving me a reason to jump down his throat.  The heater's fixed for now, we're all pretty sure Danny and Derek did something to put it on the fritz to begin with.  How surprising.

Jan. 25th, 2007

she's 20 years of snow falling.

up in the highest of heights

There's been a large accumulation of snow lately.  Not altogether surprising, living in Toronto.  I'm not the biggest fan of snow.  I don't enjoy chilly weather, or bulky coats, or the makeup work that the teachers pile on after school is cancelled for a few days.  I'm ready for spring already.  In fact, I'm ready for summer.  I've received my early acceptance letters from Concordia, University of Toronto, University of Ontario, and Ryerson.  I'm waiting on a few more, and I still have some applications to put in, but needless to say, I have no worries about my future.  Right now, my main focus is finishing this school year.

Easier said than done when everywhere I turn JT seems to be there with Mia.  And Isabella.  He can take care of her child, but he couldn't make the proper decisions involving our own?

As president of the Student Council at Degrassi, I've started up a new school tutoring program.  Any student looking for assistance with their core classes is welcome to join us Thursdays after school in the Media Immersion room from 3 to 5.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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